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Broyles, Melane
English Teacher
melane.broyles@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Bunkley, Pamela
Pamela-Bunkley@roughers.netGrant Foreman Elementary
Burge, Blane
Algebra Two/Precalculus/Calculus AB
blane.burge@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Burleson, Jaymie
Special Education
jaymie.burleson@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Callins, Keaton
Biology Teacher
keaton.callins@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Cameron, Belinda
Special Education
BELINDA-CAMERON@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Campbell, Debra
special education
debra.campbell@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Campbell, Jason
Boys JH Soccer
Muskogee Athletics
Campus, Police
campus.police@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Carbone, Jordan
jordan.carbone@roughers.netWhittier Elementary
Carey, Lindsey
Lindsey.Carey@roughers.netGrant Foreman Elementary
Carter, Sophia
SOPHIA-CARTER@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Cash, Nelita
4th grade teacher/ROAD Crew Sponsor
Nelita.Cash@roughers.netWhittier Elementary
Cason, Sandra
sandra.cason@roughers.netWhittier Elementary
Castleberry, Shelby
fourth grade
Shelby-Castleberry@roughers.netTony Goetz Elementary
Chambers, Kelli
kelli.chambers@roughers.netCherokee Elementary
Chang, Mee
mee.chang@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Chapman, Jackaline
Jackaline-Chapman@roughers.netIrving Elementary
Chapuis, Georgie
GEORGIE-CHAPUIS@roughers.netSadler Arts Academy
Charboneau, Lisa
9th Grade Principal
lisa.charboneau@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Clark, Terri
terri.clark@roughers.netGrant Foreman Elementary
Clement, Sara
sara.clement@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Cobb, Earl
Career Tech: Computer Repair
earl.cobb@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Cochran, Donna
donna.cochran@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Coen, April
april.coen@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Cole, Sharica
middle school
sharica.cole@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Colvin, Mark
7th/8th GTT & Robotics
mark.colvin@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Cook, Mike
9th Football Aide
Muskogee Athletics
Cooper, Anayai
10th Grade Assistant Principal
anayai.cooper@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Cooper, Jimmy
jimmy.cooper@roughers.netRougher Alternative Academy
Cooper, John
john.cooper@roughers.netRougher Alternative Academy
Cotten, Carrie
carrie.cotten@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Craft, RayTosha
English II
Raytosha-Craft@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Cramer, Tyler
New Tech 8th Grade Math
tyler.cramer@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Crank, Julie
julie.crank@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Cumbey, Amanda
Amanda.Cumbey@roughers.netSadler Arts Academy
Cummings, Angela
ANGELA-CUMMINGS@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Curtis, Melissa
MCurtis@roughers.netSadler Arts Academy
Custer, Annetta
Annetta-Custer@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Davis, Garrett
Athletic Director
Garrett.Davis@roughers.netMuskogee Athletics
Davison, Jermaine
Algebra Teacher
jermaine.davison@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Davison, Jermaine
Asst. 8th Boys Basketball
jermaine.davison@roughers.netMuskogee Athletics
Davison, Kimberly
first grade
kimberly.davison@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Davison, Ronia
ronia.davison@roughers.netSadler Arts Academy
Dennis, Catherine
CATHERINE-DENNIS@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Denton, Curt
Varsity Football Coordinator - Sp Team/Head Girls Soccer
Curt.Denton@mpsi2.orgMuskogee Athletics
Denton, Curt
Biomedical, Ecology, Soccer Coach
CDenton@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Denton, Sally
Sally-Denton@roughers.netGrant Foreman Elementary
Doerner, Brian
Asst. Principal - New Tech Academy
BRIAN-DOERNER@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Dotson, Lisa
AP Language teacher & English dept. chair
Lisa.dotson@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Dow, Rebekah
English I Teacher
rebekah.dow@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Duck, Kelly
kelly.duck@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Dumond, Carrie
principal's secretary
carrie.dumond@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Dvorak, Ryan
ryan.dvorak@roughers.netCherokee Elementary
Eaton, Scott
SCOTT.EATON@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Edwards, Dameekia
dameekia.edwards@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Ellis, Taegan
taegan.ellis@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Elsky, Paula
Special Education Teacher
PAULA-ELSKY@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Faulk, Oren
oren.faulk@roughers.netGrant Foreman Elementary
Finney, Angela
ANGELA-FINNEY@roughers.netSadler Arts Academy
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