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Fite, Cheri
CHERI-FITE@roughers.netTony Goetz Elementary
Fleak, Kim
kim.fleak@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Fleetwood, Sherrie
Teacher Aide
sherrie.fleetwood@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Fleetwood, Sherrie
Teacher Aide
sherrie.fleetwood@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Fletcher, Douglas
special education
Doug.fletcher@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Flusche, Mary
MARY-FLUSCHE@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Ford, Carol
carol.ford@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Fort, Lauren
6th Grade
lauren.fort@roughers.netPershing Elementary
Fortney, Brian
brian.fortney@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Foster, Sonya
Art I, Humanities II
Sonya-Foster@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Fowler, Janeen
Special Education Teacher
JANEEN-FOWLER@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Franklin, Natasha
SP Reading/SS
natasha.franklin@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Freeman, Andrae
Algebra I & II
Andrae-Freeman@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Freeman, Andrae
11th Grade Assistant Principal
andrae.freeman@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Fritz, Catlin
sixth grade
CATLIN-FRITZ@roughers.netSadler Arts Academy
Gallaway, Shalyn
vocal music
shalyn.gallaway@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Garde, Claudia
CLAUDIA-GARDE@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Garland, Susan
susan.garland@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Garrett, Andrea
Speech Pathologist
Pershing Elementary
Garrett, Angela
sixth grade
angela.garrett@roughers.netSadler Arts Academy
Garrison, Gabrielle
fourth grade
gabrielle.garrison@roughers.netGrant Foreman Elementary
Gates, Tonya
fourth grade
tonya.gates@roughers.netTony Goetz Elementary
Gault, Ethel
Ethel-Gault@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Gideon, Angela
angela.gideon@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Gilliam, Rachael
RACHAEL-GILLIAM@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Goodspeed, Tracie
Chemistry Teacher
tracie.goodspeed@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Goosman, Mollie
fourth grade
mollie.goosman@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Gorajewski, Mistie
fourth grade
Mistie-Gorajewski@roughers.netIrving Elementary
Gorman, Randall
Social Studies Teacher
randall.gorman@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Grant, Rebecca
rebecca.grant@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Greer, Kari
KARI-GREER@roughers.netWhittier Elementary
Greer, Tina
TINA-GREER@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Griffin, Phyllis
PHYLLIS-GRIFFIN@roughers.netCherokee Elementary
Griffith, Jackie
jackie.griffith@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Haile, Mark
Assistant Special Olympics Coach
mark.haile@roughers.netMuskogee Athletics
Hall, Dan
Head of Campus Police
dan.hall@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Hallum, Cheryl
cheryl.hallum@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Hammer, John
Administrative Technology/ Head Volleyball Coach
john.hammer@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Hammer, John
Head Volleyball
John.Hammer@roughers.netMuskogee Athletics
Hammond, Betty
Child Nutrition Services Manager
betty.hammond@roughers.netBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Harmon, Megan
Megan-Harmon@roughers.netTony Goetz Elementary
Hartsoe, Kelly
third grade
kelly.hartsoe@roughers.netIrving Elementary
Hatley, Mark
mark.hatley@roughers.netRougher Alternative Academy
Hattaway, Karen
karen.hattaway@roughers.netGrant Foreman Elementary
Havens, Mindi
mindi.havens@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Hayes, Madison
9th grade counselor
madison.hayes@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Haynes, Andrea
andrea.haynes@roughers.netAlice Robertson Junior High School
Heath, Carmen
CARMEN-HEATH@roughers.netCreek Elementary
Heath, David
Asst. Varsity Football/Head Boys Track
David.Heath@roughers.netMuskogee Athletics
Heath, David
david.heath@roughers.netRougher Alternative Academy
Hefner, Lisa
Reading Suff Tutor
lisa.hefner@roughers.netCherokee Elementary
Hendrickson, Tammie
Special Education
Tammy.Hendrickson@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Hennesy, Taylor
Asst. HS Volleyball
Muskogee Athletics
Hensley, Hunter
Biology Teacher
hunter.hensley@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Henson, Richard
fourth grade
Richard-Henson@roughers.netWhittier Elementary
Hill, Dare
DARE-HILL@roughers.netIrving Elementary
Hill, Nathan
Fab Lab Manager
nathan.hill@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Hill, Patricia
trish.hill@roughers.netCherokee Elementary
Hillmon, Angelique
First Aid, Sports, Aerobics
ANGELIQUE-HILLMON@roughers.netMuskogee High School
Hillmon, Angie
Head Girls Track/Head Girls X-Country/Head Boys X-Country
Angie.Hillmon@roughers.netMuskogee Athletics
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