Campus Police

Contact Campus Police at

Mr. Dan Hall, Chief of Muskogee Campus Police Department
684-3700 Ext. 1629 or 1901

Muskogee Public School District I-20 started its campus police & security department in 1994. The department's main goal is to serve the educational process by promoting a safe learning environment for more than 6,500 students and staff members, at more than 18 sites. The MCPD has provided a safe learning environment, while building strong relationships with students and staff to provide a community-based police department based on shared goals and development of procedures to insure the safest environment possible. 

Chief of Police Dan Hall also serves as the district's Director of Security and the Truancy Officer whose goal is to assure that no student enrolled in the district misses educational opportunities as a result of attendance problems. The chief works closely with teachers, school attendance secretaries, counselors, social workers, parents and principals to achieve this goal. 

The Campus Police Department monitors the more than 650 cameras and security systems updates and repairs for the school district, the 17 LobbyGuard visitor sign-in Kiosks installed at every school in the district, and Rougher Safe Call - a safe number that students can call or text to inform the campus police department of any issue they feel is important to the safety of students or staff.

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