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Posted Date: 01/04/2019

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January 4, 2019


In my first few weeks at Muskogee Public Schools, I bid everyone caution in believing everything you hear in the community. I strive to be open and transparent with stakeholders in the community and the district. During my short time as Superintendent, I have shown this through the formation of many committees and the circulation of my Entry Day Findings throughout the community.

Recently, rumors have circulated that I am taking Roughers off everything from buses, to uniforms, and anything bearing the term Roughers.  There is both historical significance and a tradition of excellence that comes with the Rougher name. There is also a uniqueness in being a Muskogee Rougher. Schools throughout the state, the region and the nation are Eagles, Tigers and Cowboys but there is only one Rougher.

In fact, I just recently reviewed plans for a graphic design of our activity buses that prominently display the word Roughers across the length of the bus. Here is a sneak peak of that bus design.

Muskogee Rougher Charter Bus Graphic

Prior to Winter Break, I met with a handful of community stakeholders that serve on our District Branding Committee. These individuals are helping us standardize our brand as we move toward an exciting time for Muskogee Public Schools. This will allow us to protect our brand and image.

During our first meeting in December there was great discussion regarding the history of our district and the intent to bring even additional honor and respect to our brand. At no time was there discussion of getting rid of the Roughers or the Rougher Dog. Rather our discussion focused on further distinguishing our logos, emblems and wordmarks so they continue to be recognizable throughout the state.


Dr. Jarod Mendenhall


Muskogee Public Schools