Be Here! Campaign
Muskogee Public Schools is launching a campaign aimed at reminding everyone how important a good education is to our children and what it takes to give a good education to our children. We believe what it takes is for everyone  - our community, our parents, our students, our teachers, our administrators, our county, our state, our country - to be here. Really be here.
 Ask someone you know what "being here" means to him or her. The answer may not be what you would have said - but it will never be a wrong answer. That's because being here - at Muskogee Public Schools, in our schools, in our classrooms, on our athletic fields, in our cafeterias and our libraries, at our ball games, anywhere we need you - is meaningful in a multitude of ways.
Be here...
...on time, ready to work, with a smile on, tuned in, eager to learn, happy to be here, available for your coworkers, students, friends, peers and mentors. a volunteer, an employee, a grandma, a foster parent, a mom, a dad, a big brother or sister, a teacher, a coach.
...every day - because good attendance is important for students and teachers alike.
...because you have something to offer someone else that will help that person grow. That's right - YOU have something to offer someone else, whether you are a student, a parent, a teacher, a community leader, a business person, a volunteer, a guardian, an uncle, an older sibling - YOU are needed HERE.
It also means be on the road -
the Rougher R.O.A.D. to success!
So, Muskogee. Be Here! We need you! All of you!