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Posted Date: 12/03/2018


Last week our second Long Range Planning Committee meeting was held with the committee members broken up into small groups to discuss the future of the district. Later this school year, this committee will need to come to a consensus in regards to whether it will make a recommendation to the Board of Education. A consensus is not 51-percent of the vote, it is not a supermajority vote nor is it an “all or nothing proposition”. A consensus takes all points of view into consideration to form as Merriam-Webster defines consensus, “general agreement, the judgement arrived at by most of those concerned.”

This second meeting was an excellent opportunity for committee members to bring up concerns, ask questions and bring up ideas that haven’t been considered yet. Similar to how many of you asked questions and gave ideas that hadn’t been thought of during the Superintendent Coffees. This is critical for developing a plan for the future of the district and gathering information from all stakeholders is important.

I have also formed a Student Advisory Committee consisting of high school students. During this group’s second meeting I will ask these students their thoughts of reconfiguration. These students have gone through the school district and can provide insight on potential changes that could take place.

Speaking of high school students, 300 students and a handful of teachers went through a program called “Breaking Down the Walls.” These were students from all walks of life that spent most of the day getting to know one another and talking with someone they likely never speak to along the way. The program is designed to change culture and provide students the opportunity to break out of the comfort of their group of friends and get to know their classmates and share who they are with their classmates.

In January, another 300 students will go through this program in an effort to change culture and develop an ownership culture among our high school students. If you speak to students that went through this program earlier this year a number of them will say it was eye opening and some may even say it was life changing. It’s a highly impactful program that was incredible to see in action earlier this year and I’m excited to see and hear how the second wave of the program goes for our students.

We are making an impact every day for our students! Have a great week!

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Dr. Jarod Mendenhall


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