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Posted Date: 10/08/2018



I spent this past Tuesday in Oklahoma City attending the Trauma Summit hosted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Among the speakers was Casey Gwinn of Alliance of HOPE International who spoke about ACES, Trauma & the Science of HOPE.


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study demonstrates an association of adverse childhood experiences, or childhood trauma, with health and social problems across a person’s lifespan.


You can take the ten question test yourself by clicking here. The higher your ACE score, the higher your risk of health and social problems according to the study. This trauma also has been shown to have a negative effect on children educationally. Therefore, it is important to me that we continue looking for ways to mitigate these conditions through social and emotional counseling.


Mayor Bob Coburn (left) and Muskogee Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jarod Mendenhall walk with others as part of WISH, Inc.'s Walk In Her Shoes on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018


Thursday, I had the opportunity to participate in the Walk In Her Shoes event hosted by Women In Safe Home (WISH), Inc. I joined students, student-athletes, coach Rafe Watkins and coach Josh Berry, and principal Kim Fleak from Muskogee High School along with community members to bring attention to Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the work of WISH.


Students of Muskogee High School pose for a photo following Thursday's


I was proud to see so many students from MHS participating and showing they want domestic violence to end with their generation. The group from MHS was also awarded the “Most Outstanding Team” award.


Domestic violence is one of those traumatic experiences that students may witness or personally experience that impacts their educational journey. We all need to be sure to stop, wait, listen, pay attention and help those in need of assistance. Be it a coworker or a student, such a traumatic experience will impact behavior and we should be willing to mitigate that trauma.


We are agents in change and can make an incredible positive impact in our students lives as we empower them academically and personally.


Have a great week!



Dr. Jarod Mendenhall


Muskogee Public Schools