My name is Ms Kathleen (Kat) Trueblood and I teach Humanities II, Speech I, and Drama I here at MHS. The number one objective is that all lessons in my class have real life applications. Speech I's curriculum is not just designed to teach students the art of public speaking but also to research and evaluate our communicative abilities on a daily basis. How we communicate with those around us everyday and how we perceive other's communicative processes is an important talent to cultivate in order to have a happy and productive life. In other words, how well we talk and work with others sets our path for our future. So HAPPY COMMUNICATING!
In Humanities classes the goal is to establish a basic understanding of the creative powers of man through the study of art (both visual and performance), history, and traditions of mankind.  These are the things that bind us together as a culture and supports our understanding of humanity and what it means to be a self-actualized creative being. 

Drama I classes work towards being effective actors and understanding and recognizing the conventions of theater and how it applies as a profession and as a communicative tool for everyday life.
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