Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction Overview

Clevetta Gray - Director of Elementary Education                    Melony Carey - Director of Secondary Education

The Curriculum and Instruction team works with teachers and administrators to enhance the scope and quality of teaching and learning in Muskogee Public Schools through leadership, innovation, collaboration, communication and service.

Key strategies for accomplishing our objective include:

· Curriculum aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards/PASS
· Effective, job-embedded professional development for teachers and administrators
· Leadership development and dissemination of curriculum standards and resources
· Collaboration to utilize current technologies and data for educational improvement
· Identification and dissemination of best educational practices in conjunction with our instructional coaches and teacher 

· Securing and managing specialized funding to support local initiatives

District Initiatives Include:

  • District-wide comprehensive literacy program that creates a foundation for the development of early literacy skills for beginning readers and provides essential skills for reading in elementary and secondary classes.
  • Technology integrated as an invisible tool in the classroom where teachers and students have access to the Internet in and up-to-date software and hardware.
  • Implementation of the 1:1 laptop program and digital curriculum in grades K - 12 to provide equitable access to knowledge and skills that enable student success in the 21st Century. 
  • Student-operated television studios at Pershing Elementary Model School of Technology, Alice Robertson Junior High, and Muskogee High School. Sadler Arts Academy offers film making and tv journalism.
  • Media centers which provide digital resources, computer labs, and a district-wide book exchange.
  • Science materials and equipment for laboratory experiences at every school, inlcuding Project Lead the Way pre-engineering and robotics in grades 6-12, and biomedical science at MHS.
  • Hands on instruction and active learning at all grade levels designed to motivate and empower student learning.
  • Before/after-school and summer enrichment and remediation programs.
  • Gifted/Talented services and Special Education services at every school.
  • JA in Day and Exchange City, a program offered by Junior Achievement for elementary schools.
  • A full array of Advanced Placement courses and on-campus college classes through a partnership with Connors State College and the City of Muskogee Foundation.
  • AVID school-wide college preparatory at Whittier, Harris Jobe, Cherokee Elementary Schools and Alice Robertson Junior High

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