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Adair, Chase
Asst. Baseball
chase.adair@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Adair, Chase
chase.adair@mpsi20.orgAlice Robertson Junior High School
Adair, Lauren
lauren.adair@mpsi20.orgAlice Robertson Junior High School
Adair, Melissa
Melissa-Adair@mpsi20.orgEarly Childhood Center
Adair, Steve
Asst. Wrestling
steve.adair@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Adair, Steve
steve.adair@mpsi20.orgMuskogee High School
Adams, Shymekia
Shymekia-Adams@mpsi20.orgWhittier Elementary
Alexander, Lorie
lorie.alexander@roughers.netEarly Childhood Center
Alexander, Odell
1:1 Coordinator
odell.alexander@mpsi20.orgMuskogee High School
Allen, Robin
robin.allen@mpsi20.orgEarly Childhood Center
Alred, Jeanette
Jan-Alred@mpsi20.orgTony Goetz Elementary
Anderson, Sheila
second grade
sheila.anderson@mpsi20.orgWhittier Elementary
Anderson, Tommy
tommy.anderson@mpsi20.orgCherokee Elementary
Anderson, Zachary
German/world history
Zachary-Anderson@mpsi20.orgMuskogee High School
Anthis, Cathy
Library Media Specialist at Creek Elementary
cathy.anthis@mpsi20.orgCreek Elementary
Armstrong, Kimberly
kimberly.armstrong@mpsi20.orgEarly Childhood Center
Arnold, Kiefer
Video Coordinator
Muskogee Athletics
Austin, Rebecca
1st Grade
rebecca.austin@mpsi20.orgPershing Elementary
Autrey, Cody
Asst. High School Football Equipment
Cody.Autrey@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Autrey, Cody
CODY-AUTREY@mpsi20.orgRougher Alternative Academy
Bandy, David
DAVID-BANDY@mpsi20.orgAlice Robertson Junior High School
Bandy, David
Asst. 7th Boys Track/Football Statics Analysis
David.Bandy@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Barnes, Amanda
third grade
amanda.barnes@mpsi20.orgWhittier Elementary
Barnoski, Phillip
Family/Community Coordinator
phillip.barnoski@mpsi20.orgRougher Alternative Academy
Barton, Steve
steve.barton@mpsi20.orgAlice Robertson Junior High School
Batie, Gina
gina.batie@mpsi20.orgCherokee Elementary
Beaver, Corrinne
1st Grade
corrinne.beaver@mpsi20.orgPershing Elementary
Beckers, Damon
physical education
damon.beckers@mpsi20.orgBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
Beckers, Damon
Asst. HS Volleyball/Jr. High Boys Basketball/Jr High Golf
Damon.Beckers@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Behrens, Michelle
michelle.behrens@mpsi20.orgMuskogee High School
Bennett, Jackie
1st Grade
jackie.bennett@mpsi20.orgPershing Elementary
Berry, Joshua
Head Boys Basketball
Joshua.Berry@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Bertholf, Rachel
4th Grade Teacher
rachel.bertholf@mpsi20.orgPershing Elementary
Bethancourt, Melissa
melissa.bethancourt@mpsi20.orgRougher Alternative Academy
Biggs, Aaron
speech/language pathologist
aaron.biggs@mpsi20.orgIrving Elementary
Birdtail, Pat
11th grade secretary
pat.birdtail@mpsi20.orgMuskogee High School
Blevins, Clayton
Head 9th Grade Football/Head Girls Tennis
Clayton.Blevins@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Blevins, Clayton
Marketing/Bus. Mgt/DECA
Clayton-Blevins@mpsi20.orgMuskogee High School
Bloschichak, Dominic
1:1 Tech Help Desk
dominic.bloschichak@mpsi20.orgAlice Robertson Junior High School
Bohnstead, Tammy
Tammy-Bohnstead@mpsi20.orgIrving Elementary
Borovetz, Parker
Asst. 9th Football
parker.borovetz@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Borovetz, Parker
Teacher Assistant
parker.borovetz@mpsi20.orgRougher Alternative Academy
Boyd, Susan
8th Grade English
susan.boyd@mpsi20.orgAlice Robertson Junior High School
Bradley, Aubrey
Asst. Girls Tennis
Muskogee Athletics
Bradley, Celia
celia.bradley@mpsi20.orgMuskogee High School
Bradley, Mitzi
Speech Language Pathologist
mitzi.bradley@mpsi20.orgCreek Elementary
Bradley, Rozlyn
ROZLYN-BRADLEY@mpsi20.orgTony Goetz Elementary
Bradley, Rusty
Head Boys Tennis
Rusty.Bradley@mpsi20.orgMuskogee Athletics
Bradley, Rusty
rusty.bradley@mpsi20.orgMuskogee High School
Bratu, Brooke
brooke.bratu@mpsi20.orgBenjamin Franklin Science Academy
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